Godrej Splendour Floor Plan

Floor Plan

In simple terms, a floor plan shows the layout of an apartment, including rooms, utility areas, kitchens, and balconies. It serves as a graphical representation of any residence’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Godrej Splendour project is located in Bellandur and spreads across a large land area. It offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments.

A floor plan by Godrej Splendour illustrates the meticulously planned floor sizes in apartments and the spaces between them, depicting the relationships of rooms, spaces, and physical features.

Floor Plans in Godrej Splendour

The floor plan for the 1 BHK unit will include a foyer, one main bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen with a utility. A 2 BHK floor plan includes one foyer, one main bedroom, one guest bedroom, two bathrooms, one kitchen, and a balcony. A 3 BHK floor plan consists of a foyer, one primary bedroom, two guest bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen with a utility room, and a balcony. There are numerous plug points in living rooms and bedrooms, and the inventors utilized the best electrical wires throughout Godrej Splendour’s flats. The flats boast enclosed wires with complete safety for concealing electric cables. Your home will enjoy the best occupancy conditions and atmosphere thanks to Godrej Splendour’s use of the best materials. Elevators will be installed in each residential block to meet the requirements of residents and entities. High-quality vitrified or granite tiles will be used for flooring. The Godrej Splendour Floor Plan shows the comfortable lifestyle residents will experience with the project-not matter how small or large the home is. Residents will appreciate every aspect of their dream home with a stay filled with serenity and only positive vibes. Also, Godrej Properties will not allow any floor planning changes before registering. However, the company ensures that the space will meet the needs of diverse families and individuals. Known for its climacteric creations and frontiersperson evolutions, Godrej Properties has redefined living standards through real estate development. In the most intact environs of East Bangalore, Godrej Splendour combines indulgence with tranquillity to offer the most favorable possession experience to residents.

The Godrej Splendour Apartment is located in Whitefield Near Hope Farm Junction, one among the foremost delicate residential areas in Bangalore City. additionally to the highest IT hubs and industries within its vicinity, Whitefield also offers a large array of prestigious schools and universities within its radius. The International Tech Park, one in all the biggest within the city, is near the project location. Besides top-notch healthcare facilities, the realm boasts a wealth of entertainment and shopping centers, including Phoenix Market City and Inorbit Mall. the location remains well-connected via major road networks like Outer route and Old Madras Road. The upcoming Metro Rail extension will further enhance Whitefield’s connectivity channels. New launch apartment project developing in pristine surroundings of Whitefield, East Bangalore. unfolded over vast acres of land; the project offers beautiful 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and three BHK homes. It comprises the numerous IT network of the town, employing lakhs of employees, and houses technology parks and apartment complexes. it’s located near work and shopping malls, contributing to its high demand. Its pioneer creations and landmark developments have made it a prominent name within the realty market. It boasts of dream homes and stylishly designed homes, together with the newest innovations found within the market. The launch of Godrej Splendor, an upcoming project in Bangalore, is scheduled for mid-2022. This pre-launch by Godrej Properties in Whitefield is important to satisfy this area’s high demand for housing.As the most exemplary example of this structural plan let alone standard angles, Godrej Splendour East Bangalore offers a various range of apartments to shop for reasonably. This apartment project features a current building layout not to mention conventional viewpoints; this apartment project perfectly captures the city’s IT hubs and multiple tech parks. Since it’s near the workstation, residential demand is often high during this area. Godrej Splendour features a pool, children’s playground, court, yoga and meditation hall, jogging path, AV room, spa, and open gym as a part of its state-of-the-art amenities. it’ll be available soon for consumers to experience the thrill of their way. Maintenance costs are borne by the residents and can be supervised by Godrej Properties. The launch of Godrej Splendour are announced once the RERA number is issued. The project could be a new launch, and it’s expected to be completed within some years of its launch date. it’s a brief time after completion before residents can take possession of the simplest investment of their lives. Godrej Splendour offers several facilities. it’s easy to urge to the road’s support because a flyover is found. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Godrej Splendour offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments.

A floor rise charge is decided soon after the launch of the project by Godrej Properties.

Each 3 BHK apartment will have a foyer, one main bedroom, two guest bedrooms, three bathrooms, one kitchen with utility and a balcony.

After the launch, model flats will be available. Godrej Splendour is still an upcoming pre-launch apartment.


For investors and homebuyers, this is the best investment opportunity since it is located in one of the most desirable areas of East Bangalore. With thoughtfully crafted homes, the architects have made sure to offer all the necessary amenities.

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